Hot Flashes the Musical
The Cast!

.....from left to right

Kate Finn, Sharon, Pam, Kate Sullivan, and Marvella

Kate Finn wrote and performed with the Fallen Angel Choir and Summer Angels, Some Are Not! from 1986 to 1996. Since then she has performed with the all-ages dance band Jungle Jim and the Swing Set, conducted songwriting/cd-production workshops in local schools through Community of Writers, and worked as a licensed massage therapist in her quiet, relaxing backyard yurt.

Marvella McPartland has travelled a long way musically - from opera training through the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music to belting out a bluesy rocker. She has composed music most of her life, and has toured and played in shows alongside such artists as: Bo Diddley, Jimmy Buffet, Janis Joplin, Randy Newman, Otis Redding, The Smothers Brothers, Lily Tomlin and many others.

Sharon Knorr is an actor, producer, director, storyteller, singer, playwright, author and collage artist. She moved to Bend in the fall of 2010 where she takes care of her 18 year old grandson and is the personal assistant of a very big black dog.. This past spring, Sharon started a personal story telling performance group in Bend called Solo Speak. Starting the first of the year in 2014, she will be leading story telling workshops, teaching art and performing in Solo Speak's second season.

Kate Sullivan has been performing throughout the Pacific NW for over twenty years.
As a bandleader she performs with Loose Wimmin and Kate Sullivan and Company. Members of these bands are featured on her two recordings, "New Shade of Blue" and "Here Is My Heart."

Rick Weiss wrote and performed with Summer Angels, Some Are Not! from 1988-1996 (wherein he sang bad lounge songs backwards as Dick Lexia). Since then he has played keyboards for Jungle Jim and the Swingset and taught songwriting in the schools through Community of Writers. Rick currently teaches private piano and drum lessons in the Garudio.

Pam Krieg drummed professionally with Loose Wimmin for many years, and now is the drummer for Kate Sullivan and Company. She also works with children in NW Portland at Friendly House, and her favorite expressions are: "Cheese on bread!" and "That's what I'm talkin' about!"

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